Bit Bubble Tech Review – Avoid This Scam!

They’re calling it a semi-automated trading software which can earn money for you as you sit and enjoy. They also promise it is free, and also you may make from $400 — 700 dollars in a couple of hours of each and every single day. There is nothing free about Bit Bubble Tech scam program because you can’t use it until you invest $250. I believe that the scammers have back-pedaled somewhat out of their antics of mentioning their apps ability to earn traders thousands of dollars each day to hundreds of dollars.

Zero Transparency level.

We are talking about money here, isn’t it? Bit Bubble Tech software just came onboard the monetary marketplace in January 2018, but nobody knows the brains behind it nor is there any mention of the business supporting it. I’ve searched for the title of the business, contact information as well as the owner, and I have nothing. If you’re cautious such as me, you may know this is a very clear sign that something is fishy here. How do I trust a trading robot with no history nor backing to generate money for me?

The software is operating illegally

Since the Bit Bubble Tech App is providing an investment service where you will deposit, and it’ll make money for your personally, this program should be operating with a license. Regrettably, instead of showing us their license, they stuffed the website with stickers and trust seals which don’t exist.

Popular scam software

Though Bit Bubble technology just came out recently, there is not anything new about the trading software. Oh! It currently has a brand new name. Having written several reviews about scam crypto trading apps, I was able to comprehend this software as being popular amongst scam artists. Take a look at reviews of similar scams that we lately exposed like Bitcoin Code, Ethereum Code (Do not forget to check user’s experience in the comments section); you will notice they’re totally using this same program where lots of traders lost enormous amounts of money.

The software is using unregulated brokers.

Among those antics about the software is that as soon as you register, you may connect to a agent in whose account you’ll deposit your first investment of $250. As stated by the fraudsters, you can choose to alter the agent anytime you need on the system. It all sounds great but mind you, these brokers are operating illegally and has no kind of regulation regulating them.

The disclaimer discrepancy

Notice the disclaimer that stated “Option Trading” and tells me a crypto trading program will say such a thing. Hey! We’re talking about trading in cryptocurrencies rather than Option Trading. Allow me to inform two scenarios of what I presume. The first is that the idiots reproduced the disclaimer from somewhere and did not take the time to edit it prior to pasting it on their website. Secondly, they may be into Option Trading instead of Crypto Trading such as they would like you to believe.Bit Bubble Tech Review Verdict — Bit Bubble Tech is confirmed scam! Keep away from it!

Final Words

Don’t waste your time Bit Bubble Tech scam trading program. That is not any reason for trusting that their claims and promises. You may only enrich an authorised agent who is in league with all the promoters of this crappy trading app.The level of transparency is zero, and there is not any license of operation anywhere to at least protect your own details and interest. So, don’t invest in Bit Bubble Tech because you’ll waste your time and money. Do not forget to share this Bit Bubble Tech inspection with your friends/family members, so they can stay safe out of these scams also.

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