Are You Giving Your Business’ Emails a Personal Touch?

Here is the deal: you’re likely facing competitions from tons of other marketers in the space.

That is part of why getting personal with your list is so necessary to break through the noise & get your messages read.

So let’s recap what each email marketer needs to do in order to make that personal connection sooner rather than later.

  1. Put yourself in your emails – literally.

Whether it is through photos, storytelling or your business’ voice, making your business a one-of-a-kind presence in your readers’ inbox is the first priority.

  1. Remind readers that you are here to help.

By asking questions & offering up resources or tips, you remind readers that you are looking out for them versus spamming.

  1. Set each campaign up for success.

Through segmentation, optimization & email analytics, figuring out the technical details of your emails becomes a breeze. The more you optimize & analyze, the stronger your future plans will be.

We at Sendlane know firsthand how important it’s to build a personal connection with your subscribers.

And we know how much easier it is when you have an email automation platform to take care of the heavy lifting.

That is why we invite you to take Sendlane for a spin if you have not already. With the help of our platform’s features & these tips above, you could get started with building better relationships with your list

Strategies Brands of Any Size Can Use to Add Personal Touch to Their Plans

Give Your Readers a Much-Needed Push

Each email sent is a prime opportunity for your readers to interact with your business in some way, shape/form.

If you are not providing them that window for engagement, how could you expect to get closer to readers?

Offering up suggested next steps in your messages is a subtle but significant idea to encourage personal interactions.

Bear in mind that your readers are likely crazy busy & overwhelmed at any given moment.  Telling them exactly what to do is a bigger help than you might think. This email from Mozsupports clue in next customers on what to do next after signing up for their service.

Offering a helpful push to your readers signals you one again as someone looking out for your list rather than trying to sell to them.

Make Your Signature Count

Sometimes it is the smallest touches that matter most.

Whether you are sending on behalf of a company or as yourself, the details of your signature could help end your messages make the right impression.

Some components of a personalized signature include some combination of the following:

  • A professional headshot
  • An inspirational/motivational quote related to your business
  • Links to your social media channels.
  • As noted earlier, putting a smiling face on your business is a must-do. Your signature is the best place to put that face on display.

Oh, and with the help of Sendlane you could actually create unique templates and signatures for every piece of your list. Want to send as a company & a person? No problem!

Smarter Segmentation

On a related note, effective segmentation & personal emails go hand in hand.

Think about it. The emails & offers you send to long-term subscribers should not be identical to people who hopped on your list, right?

When you send too many generic/one-size-fits-all campaigns, you run the risk of turning people out.

But by segmenting your email list, you donot have to second-guess whether/not your readers are getting the right messages. You have the flexibility to pick those parameters of the lists yourself with the help of Sendlane.

Based on conditions such as what landing pages someone came from/when they signed up, you could better target your emails over time.

Breaking down the list into specific audiences gives you more room to nurture leads personally rather than treat them. In other hands, your subscribers receive the attention they rightfully deserve.

Take Advantage of Timing

Unfortunately, figuring the best times to send your emails could be a pain. This is especially true if you are dealing with customers in multiple time zones.

Some people want to knock out their emails during lunch. Others might check randomly throughout the day/right before bed. There’s no “right” time to send.

Again, everyone isdifferent.

But that should not stop you from trying to fine-tune the timing of your emails.

Through Sendlane’soptimized timing feature, you could hone in on exactly the right time to achieve your readers based on their behavior. This makes sure that your readers are more likely to engage with your emails on their terms.

Of the many variables deciding whether/not your messages getting opened, timing definitely deserves the attention. With your plans optimized for opens automatically, you have one less minor detail of emails to worry about.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Email Metrics

You need to know at a glance which of emails are receiving the most traction & which are not. The only way to find out for sure is through your plans analytics.

Without proper email reporting, you cannot answer these questions with much confidence.

When you have evidence over which messages your list responds to, you have a good idea of what sorts of personal messages to craft. With the help of analytics, all of the previously noted tips become much easier to implement.

No more guessing games. Only peace of mind as you send the sorts of emails your list loves again & again.

With that, we conclude our list!


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