QuickAffiliatePro Review – Produce SEO optimized affiliate sites with 1-click

QuickAffiliatePro Review — Produce SEO optimized affiliate sites with 1-click

Nowadays everyone wants to get into SEO affiliate business as it is great passive source of income. The significant competition in
this market set the entry threshold very high. It means that you need to put a lot of money to begin with to earn a lot of money
later. It’s a closed circle where new affiliate doesn’t have many chances. SEO as well as engaging content today is a very costly
thing. Recently I’ve been looking for some kind of solution that will cut down the costs and make it possible for new affiliates
to enter this affiliate business without spending thousands of dollars.

In this post, you can read my QuickAffiliatePro review. This cloud-based program makes possible to create SEO optimized and
converting affiliate sites in a matter of a few clicks.

Standard information about QuickAffiliatePro

Product name: QuickAffiliatePro

In my opinion, this is a superb program that reduces costs and time required to create a good-looking, SEO optimized and
highly-converting affiliate website. In a few clicks, you can create an affiliate website that’s ready to get traffic. In some
competitive niches you’ll still need a link building but in some markets that are smaller without competition, you’ll have the
ability to rank without much effort. I truly recommend this cloud-based app to everybody who wishes to enter the world of
affiliate company.

30 days with the money back warranty and no questions asked. Try it now and catch the bonuses listed below!

QuickAffiliatePro is a cloud-based application that produces SEO optimized affiliate websites. All the created websites are
content and videos rich that makes them converting and engaging. The goal of this app is to automate processes that are necessary
to generate an HQ affiliate site and also to reduce costs (e.g you won’t need a copywriter).

This tool also lets you create viral traffic to your new affiliate site. You can share your site to TOP Social Platforms such as
Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Create affiliate sites, position them and make profit from affiliate commissions
Create affiliate sites and market them because along with the standard license you get a commercial license so you can sell
everything you create

You’ll also receive a ready-to-go template that is designed to convert and it isn’t important if you would like to build an e-mail
list or only promote affiliate links because there are plenty of templates so you will find one that is ideal for your type of

The thing I like about this program is statistics. You’ll get access to a comprehensive analytics dashboard which can enable you
to optimize your websites and convert better.

How does this work?

QuickAffiliatePro curates the very popular & engaging content from popular social media platforms. Because of this the content
have the highest quality (because already it’s being shared).

Reduces the costs of creating an affiliate site
Compatibile with all popular autoresponders, CRMs and webinar platforms

Tons of HQ designs and templates
Ready-to-go multi-purpose templates
Advances statistics

Even the program is very easy to use they could offer some kind of documentation or educational videos

Here is the complete list of amazing features that

Give your readers the Power of CONTENT + SOCIAL TRAFFIC+ SEARCH to Get Maximum Viral and Hunt Traffic for Huge Conversions and a
Great Deal of Sales on complete Autopilot!

QuickAffiliatePro Professional is packed with exciting features that will amaze your subscribers completely

1. Create Stunning Affiliate Website with beautiful & premium designs
2. Bring UNLIMITED Content & Videos for Unlimited Categories
3. Content Curation with RSS & Keyword
4. Video Curation from YouTube with niche related keywords
5. Stunning and Beautiful 5 distinct color themes with in-built sliders
6. Drive VIRAL traffic to your affiliate websites from Leading Social Networks — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
7. SEO optimize your affiliate sites for driving in search traffic
8. Boost Engagement together with your visitors by letting them like your stories and write comments
9. Highly Converting Marketing Templates

II. Animation effects (Entry/Exit 5 per )
III. On landing and on exit only
10. Stats Overview
12. Industrial License to Provide Affiliate Site Creation Service to UNLIMITED Clients
13. Very Simple and Intuitive Dashboard to Handle Everything
14. Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything a Cakewalk

Upsell 1 (QuickAffiliatePro Elite) $57

With this Upgrade your subscribers can Produce Even More Elegant & Unique Affiliate Sites & Build a Enormous List to make 5 TIMES
More Recurring, Steady Income with Virtually No Extra Effort.

Customers will have an Irresistible opportunity to upgrade to Elite Edition to make 5X more from the same efforts& take their site
traffic & commissions to the next level & ALSO construct a enormous list at precisely the same time without spending any extra
time or money.

It will also unlock tons of new features like:

1) Gorgeous and Beautiful 10 More different Color Themes to make even more beautiful affiliate sites
2) Get quality Leads by using from 20 professionally designed lead-generation templates
3) Promote your affiliate offers, coupons & discounts with 10 MORE beautifully designed Promo templates
4) Give irresistible takeaways or downloadable stuff by locking users to share your offers on Major & Hot social networks, with
intelligently crafted & easily editable 5 Social Templates
5) Define social sharing automation rules for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn & save a Lot of time & effort
6) Build Huge List by capturing prospects of Super-Hot Audience as they like or comment on your story site or movie site, the
visitor has to’Login’ with his email ID. This will accelerate your lead generation process & collect potential leads

8) Autoresponder integration to collect prospects

11) Unparalleled Price

Upsell two (QuickAffiliatePro Enterprise) $77

Watch your Subscribers DOUBLE the Sales & Get 10X More Traffic from Leading Social Giants to Earn 10X Profits Hands Down with NO
Extra efforts & investment.

Here’s Your Opportunity to Take Your Internet Marketing Business To The Next Level With QuickAffiliatePro Enterprise And Become An
Enterprise Marketer.

2. Get instant high-PR social traffic for every video & story — More the search friendly More the traffic
3. Complete Automation on social sharing on all TOP social programs
4. Advance Reports & Analytics
5. Turn your story & video sites into Lead Gen machines 20 MORE Lead templates & squeeze from the juice from multiple sites
6. Boost every offer with a twist. Choose from 15 MORE striking Promo templates
7. Give away Discount Coupons & Freebies on sharing. Get 10 MORE engaging Social Sharing Templates
8. CRM integration
9. Animation effects — effects heaps (higher engagement)
10. Delay & On Scroll Ad direction

Upsell 3 (QuickAffiliatePro Reseller) $97

Let People Sell QuickAffiliatePro farther and keep 100% of the profits

Empower your subscribers to SELL QuickAffiliatePro to anybody they want & they get to KEEP 100% of the PROFITS. They don’t have to
do anything, just collect their 100% profit and find a way to spend it. So, they can add one more ready-to-sell affiliate site for
instant profits and thank you again and again for this.

Get UNLIMITED gains per month and again with premium features…
Your subscribers can get a whole lot of awesome features for $27 monthly only.
1. 5 brand new eye-catchy & superior color themes delivered Each Month
2. 5 New Marketing Templates each month
3. Unlimited Team Management
4. Unlimited Developers/Agency License
5. Library with UNLIMITED Hosting on FAST servers & 200GB bandwidth each month
7. Premium Support
8. Lifetime Updates


I hope that this QuickAffiliatePro review can enable you to make a conscious decision about buying the product. In my view, the
value for money here is great. If you want to start an affiliate business without investing thousands of dollars then you should
definitely try this program.

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