Ways Your Brand is Wasting Time on Facebook

We are familiar with the dangers of wasting time on your personal FB page, but you might not realize the ways your business is wasting time on the network.

To avoid any potential hurdles to your FB productivity, we have come up with a list of ways you could be mismanaging important social media minutes.

Continue reading to find out:

  • The dangers of republishing without reformatting
  • Why failing to test your ads is a costly mistake
  • How to save time in the future by spending more time now

Ways your business is wasting time on Facebook

  1. Creating overly promotional content

You have probably heard this advice before, but it is worth repeating. Content creation is time-consuming, and you do not want those hours of hard work to go to waste. If you have been wondering about the reason for that drastic dip in the business’s organic reach, you probably have not heard our calls to halt the creation of overly promotional content.

FB has been encouraging content creators to replace the straight-up promo material with stories that add value/provide more history for your business’s products & services. Facebook’s algorithmfavors posts that are not overly promotional Helpful & shareable content has a higher likelihood of being seen by bigger audience

  1. Republishing content on FB without reformatting

Here is a thought process that might sound familiar: Instagram runs on beautiful images. Images increase engagement on FB. Instagram is part of FB. So I should repost all my Instagram photos automatically on my FB Page, right?

Even though it may seem like a time-saving technique to automatically post the same update to multiple networks, it might cost you reach on both networks. Your brand’s Instagram profile &FB Page may be serving different purposes, content from one may not fit the overall tone of messaging.

Your audiences on different networks may be drastically different, so what resonates with your Instagram followers may not quite jive with your FB fans. If you want to reuse a photo, make sure to support enough context so that it is actually of value to your audience.

Finally, these posts just do not look great a lot of the time. When you automatically share a post to FB from your Instagram account, your caption & hashtags go along with it. If you have tagged anybody by their Instagram handle, this will look odd in a FB post as Instagram usernames are not the same as they are on Facebook. If you have used a ton of hashtags, these will also look strange on Facebook.

  1. Getting in comment wars

As of April 2017, FB Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide. With so many Messenger users, there is a good chance you can engage with any disgruntled customer there instead of the comment section under a post. If a disgruntled customer comments on the Facebook post, reply quickly & reach out to them via Messenger.

It might go without saying, but it is also a good idea to stay away from any negative Facebook comment threads from competitor brands. It is important to be aware of these conversations, but participating in them is not necessary—especially if none of the negative claims are substantiated. You risk doing more damage to the online reputation if you do get involved in a comment war with the competition—especially if this is done at the expense of your engagement with followers & fans.

  1. Liking irresponsibly

Just like any other FB user, Facebook Page managers can like other people’s posts & Pages. In a similar fashion, businesses you have liked on Facebook show up in a Liked sidebar on your Page, so you should exercise caution when pressing the ‘Like’ button. You do not want visitors to your Page to see brands you would not necessarily endorse as a business.

Choose a few partners or clients to like, and let your Liked sidebar highlight the professional relationships. Plus, liking a Page authorizes new updates to appear on the News Feed, and you don’t want to make a distraction by liking Pages that will share irrelevant content.


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