Why You Get Thumbnail Blaster

Why You Get Thumbnail Blaster

Today I’m taking a look at a new software Named Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is a new tool that’s going to help people get more perspectives on their YouTube videos, which may lead to more visitors, more clicks, more sales, and of course more gain.

Why You Get Thumbnail Blaster

Now you may be asking yourself why I’m even reviewing a software that’s made for YouTube when I own a video hosting platform (Vidyz). Well the solution is because both items are for two totally different things. Vidyz and YouTube are just like a Philips and flat head screwdriver. At their core they’re basically the exact same thing, but they’re employed in very different scenarios. Vidyz is used for videos on your site, where you do not want distractions, or hyperlinks to take away people from your own pages. YouTube and your YouTube channel would be the opposite.

Now thats the important thing with YouTube and your station is that you really get views. You will need to really get people to watch your movies, because of course if nobody is watching, no one is clicking, and your not really getting any advantage from your station in any respect.

Before I explain what exactly what Thumbnail Blaster is (even though you may have guessed from its title ) I need to talk about a statistic I found when researching this item. 70 percent of 1.3 billion is lots of people clicking! Now its easy enough to devote a market relevant title and description for YouTube to indicate your video to people that are probably interested but the reality is that is only 1/2 the battle. The truth is that is less than half of the battle. Because when indicating a movie YouTube only shows people the movie thumbnail. Its the thumbnail that people must click. Its the thumbnail which makes people decide if they ought to see your movie or not.

They had a part that also rented Nintendo games and 99% of the times I’d want the match that had the coolest cover art on the box. The old saying is that you cant judge a book by its cover, and that could be true, but the simple reality is that most individuals do precisely that, in the decide to check into matters further by the plan on the box. Its the exact same way with YouTube videos. People judge your movie before they watch it (in the judge whether its worth viewing ) from the thumbnail they are shown. In reality they have to, because that is all they see of your movie when YouTube indicates it to individuals.

So what does all this mean? It means that you need to have a kick butt, eye catching, professional looking thumbnail to your movie. If not its not likely to attract people, they aren’t likely to click on it, you aren’t likely to receive any views, you’re not likely to get free traffic, and life will suck. All because you had a bad thumbnail to your video and people judged it badly even before they watched it.

That is the bad news. The fantastic news is that you’re a expert graphic designer that has the artistic ability and technical ability to generate the type of thumbnail images which are certain to grab peoples attention and get you those clicks you desperately want. Oh wait, whats that, you’re like me and not so graphically inclined? Well then, Thumbnail blaster into the rescue.

Thumbnail Blaster as you have no doubt figured out is a software created to make it super simple for even the most hotly contested or technical newcomer produce and deploy fantastic thumbnail pictures for their own videos. However I’d be selling Thumbnail Blaster brief if I insinuated that it’s a basic graphics software because the fact is, it’s significantly more than that. First of all Thumbnail Blaster includes loads of top quality, top shelf templates to make it super simple to create your thumbnails. Secondly the system can automatically change all the thumbnails on your present videos saving you plenty of energy and time (I like software that automates a dull but necessary task). Finally Thumbnail Blaster has added tools such as the AI Image Analyzer which will scan your thumbnail images and rate them on several metric to predict how YouTube and your potential audience is very likely to respond to it.

I first met the sellers of Thumbnail Blaster Vlad and Stoica in a promotion event in Dublin Ireland a year ago and something that they said (which I completely think because it had been said over more than a few beers) was that they only need to create awesome software tools that solve real issues. It was a belief that I could totally relate to and one which I think they have lived up to with Tumbnail Blaster

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